Aquafaba - "Burbujas" (Official Video)

Aquafaba  © 2020​ 

Recorded in Maraña Studio - Monopol (Berlin) in October 2020.

Nominated to Berlin Music Video Awards 2021, as best creative video.

Raz Ohara - "Tyrants" 

Raz Ohara  © 2021 

This is a live performance of the song T y r a n t sThe video was taken on a raft outside of Berlin in August 2021

Gal Klein - "Someone to pray with"

Gal Klein  © 2021

This is a live performance of the song                                            video was taken in Berlin in September 2021

Aquafaba - "Coração de Leão" (Official Video)

Aquafaba  © 2020​ 

Recorded in Berlin, New York, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago de Chile.

Aquafaba - Album Release

Aquafaba  © 2021​ 

Recorded live in Berlin at Zirkus Mond on the 9th of Jun 2021.

Aquafaba - "Tesão"

Aquafaba  © 2019​ 

Recorded in super8 format as a short movie. Berlin 2019.

Aquafaba - "Todas as formas de amor"

Aquafaba  © 2021​ 

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - in Janeiro 2021.

Mantra Tribe - Promo video

Mantra Tribe  © 2021

Recorded live in Berlin in September 2021.

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