Let soy be a culture.

Huadou, in Berlin, was founded by Mengya Huang in 2018. The word "Huadou" comes from Chinese and means "great beans". They introduce and reinvent rich soy products to enrich the diversity of modern vegan food culture.

The World of Soya

An important part of their mission is to document the culture and production of soy products. This not only helps to preserve the cultural heritage that first inspired them, but also encourages them to discover new and exciting product developments.

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Huadou appreciates the original taste of the soybean and adhere to the basic principle that soy is soy, not just another substitute for animal protein.

Reject genetically modified soybeans and commit to a diverse, nutritious, and a balanced vegan diet where health and quality are a priority.

Advocate that the cultivation, consumption, and recycling of soybeans be considered an important cycle in the preservation of harmonious ecosystems.

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