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Lumaya produce soaps from selected natural raw materials with minimal ecological impact on the environment and without the use of animal testing.


They replace synthetic ingredients with natural raw materials and prevent unnecessary packaging waste and micro pollutants in waste water. LUMAYA also supports an environmental organization in Guatemala with every soap sale.


They produce cold-process natural soaps & shampoos by hand. 100% made in Germany with specially developed and controlled recipes.

This product stands for 100% handmade and locally produced natural soaps & shampoos. LUMAYA is a combination of words from the Mayan culture and your language, in which the word "LUM" stands for "earth".

They are a small team (Crista & Björn) with roots in Guatemala and Germany. Together they create new soap products with natural scents and plant-based ingredients and make them by hand in Germany. They want to make our contribution to a plastic-free and more sustainable environment.

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